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As directed to Dear Sirs today as well as PC Mark Pettit & Anthony Mark St John Ibbottsson 'I will put my pay me paypal link up donations to the Belinda Hale public Art Appeal in lieue of free information and examples of my personal animation as profiled 'free to view' on Visible Arts Ltd and in order to at my expense and that of my family who I really cannot expect to subsidise me ongoingly for a service that has recieved over 30 000 hits per month in the past for years on end . I refuse to give in to the vicious and cruel individuals who have sought to rob me of all that I hold dear and stand for and who have only contempt for human rights and art and who would also dare to pass themselves off as my familt in order to add insult to injury..

Who knows I might raise enough to pay off my outstanding bill with BT and my arrears in respect of bedroom tax so that I am not evicted again. I will re-iterate that I am still having to sign on and claim jobseekers allowance as I have been doing since my bag and stall takings as well as various artefacts were whilst I was trading on the Portobello Market on 2010 struggling to verify royalties owed to me in respect of past contributions to animated films for children and seeking the whereabouts and return to me if artworks that had been held by ACME Artists Studios the whereabouts of which are still unknown to me. In defence of my ongoing struggle I re-iterate that the circumstantial evidence that indicates that clear misuse of my identity by another party is gaining momentum. Anyone who can assist the police with that matter is requested to contact PC Mark Pettit of Notting Hill Gate Station. Problems have arisen in respect of an ongoing issue with an outstanding bill linked to the BT account for Visible Arts which seek to implicate the business address as elsewhere. It is still at Flat 6 , 32 Pembridge Square London W2 4DT. Any information would be extremely welcome. Do not say that I have not warned you. Frankly I continue to seek the most stringent sentencing for the criminals who have subjected me to this ongoing fraud. I have been making job applications daily for years now and am currently undertaking a part time course at the British Academy of Jewellery for which I am eligible for funding so long as I continue toi joibsearch daily. It is not a 'cushy number' but as things go it is a great comfort, I am though not entitled to additional bedroom tax so I am increasingly in arrears in respect of my daughter's tiny bedroom where I continue to store old stock that I was trading on the market but whilst these rogues curse me what can I hope for? It has made it impossible for me to trade let alone trade off my existing qualifications and experience whilst they endeavor to do so in my stead. I can only plead to the puiblic for support.

cmas noel 9.gif

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