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First Visit? First Aid!

This new page aids users of the site!

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  • order an e-catalogue and recieve your orders by mail too! Wholesale is available as well just follow the links from: SALES What??! 
  • unfortunately without correct contact details we are unable to address any products to you so these must be supplied please...thank-you for your attention to this please. Mail order is here but it Royal Mail not fairy or snail mail!!

  • The links on this site are now being checked regularly but we are grateful for any feed back in respect of any problems that you may experience in the use of this site.
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  • All your questions should be directed to the Question page where you will get directions to the relevant pages on this site.
  • Don't hesitate to address your criticism to, unlike some we can receive it from those able to declare themselves.!

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  • You can now register for an online account with 'visibleartsltdretail' which will enable you to receive details of offers and the acceptance of online payments is now possible at the 'shop online' facility which can be reached via the menu of which is our sub-domain at

    The best source of information re Visible Arts Ltd is from this website.. There is nothing to stop you from placing an order via the order page and we will call you back and agree what payment method you would prefer, cheque, postal order, BACS or cash alternatively you may arrange  to pick up an order we are usually in between 9-1am and 2-5pm after hours is private.. Monday to Friday. Please note that should you want to make payment by credit card please bear with the checkout system which will take you through the options to pay by e-check first before you reach the page for making payments buy card. It may advise you that your payment has been refused if you do not select the e-check option don't worry carry on to the next should then pop up with the alternatives.. and you no longer need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to pay via the PayPal secure checkout. Find us on the Google Map. We can do same day deliveries in Greater London at a premium rate and providing that payment is made and that we have confirmed product availiability and your delivery details we hope that deliveries can be effected within 1-2 working days as promised by the Royal Mail if mailed first class* subject to product availability of course.. in respect of the downloads they are ordered then sent to either a quoted email address or to a mobile email address that is configured accordingly....note that file sizes vary so check with your service provider first in order to avoid dissappointment..likewise you will need to ensure that you can play mpeg files on your mobile or pc.. download free software if necessary again check with your OS times re downloads will will recieve a mail out confirmation report...within reason you may book a day and mail order we would have to get an order out early in the day for it to arrive the next day!! we now use next day special delivery as standard this way items are insured and we do advise customers that we allow for 4-6 weeks in order to guard ourselves in respct of missing items as claims can not be made in respect of missing items until a cetain amount of time has lapsed on the whole we have not yet suffered any such losses... and delivery times have been in line with royal mail advertised targets.

  • Online payment facilities are already set up at in where the same cards are available at the same prices with many more additional products as well. Tip: look for the 'easy read' button if you don't like the font it will take you to the same site without the flair or what I call the

    Cover yep look for that button too and it'll take you to the other side!

!!!!Visit the Visible Arts Ltd Tradespace which is set up for trading with online payment facilities already there too.. but I have openly limited product availability on that site to date. This will be extended but you may find that the prices reflect the maintenance of that particular facility as you may also find that prices on the various sites do too.!!!!

  • We deal with our orders on a first come first served basis and you will not get any of our own cards/posters/prints or downloads cheaper elsewhere..we don't licence and therefore we can say quite fairly that it would be highly unlikely that you would be able to obtain our products at a lower rate than we can supply them at unless you go to an approved outlet  listed on our site. Please report any pirated works to us if you see them all cards are serialised and individually numbered a well as registered for copyright protection. The cards now also carry a notice stating where they have been sold.

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