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Always open to new ideas! *By no means would this seek to imply that any idea would meet with our interest, for every good idea there are probably countless bad ones... The success relies on the abilty of those involved in the development, production and realisation of the idea and in the final product resides the value. Whereas Belinda Hale B.A Hons M.A has in the past ( pre- 1998 ) co-authoured with other experienced industry proffessionals we do not work on commissions without retaining a free-hand in the development phase and rights interests in the final realisation neither do we grant licences for the adaptation of works without retaining a controlling interest for the purposes of moral rights issues. For this reason we cannot operate through agents but prefer to take guidance and advice in writing from qualified parties of our express and formal choice..
click here for one idea gratis! this is no longer available and it wasn't very original so for those who missed it: Make lots of money....great idea but usually takes work...we don't do that gratis.


*Please note that materials submitted on line are submitted at the owners risk. Human Rights.

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