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Visible Arts Ltd does provide hosting and design services..please enquire... Visible Arts Ltd does not represent Artists as an agent but it is registered for 'Artistic & Literary Creation' and uses digital art in the process of creating animations.

The Company is extending it's activities to online retail in addition to it's pre-existing role as a distributor on a whole sale basis. The director 'Belinda Mary Hale' has traded in the name of Visible Arts as a sole trader since 1991 as a self representing artist as well as Belinda Hale T/A Fine Artist / Commercial Artist between 1988 & 1989 after which she resumed her studies & undertook her Masters Degree at the University of Ulster Faculty of Art at Belfast. Do read more about the artist at : as designed and put together by her in 3 days. Contact the artist for quotes for websites via this site on the Design page.

Due to the complex nature of her IP estate and more recent requirements to register Sole Tradership Names & Business Names as there was no actual register of business names, individuals were simply allocated Schedule D numbers the sole tradership is also now known as 'Visible Arts' more info at The artist undertook the Enterprise Allowance Scheme twice and on the second occasion was advised to resume using the original Schedule D Number which have been allocated to her, it subsequently changed after the Tax Office moved! The artist is still job searching.....but also still working hard at salvaging her archives of files due to multiple malware attacks on her web hosting facility...... she is still eligible in light of recent history to under take the enterprise allowance scheme but it will be a simple question of what happens first?. She still has to apply for jobs! The pressure is on to apply for 10 a day! Currently she is applying for 10 a week and still praying for a miracle..the return of that bag her stall takings book and would help her to complete her outstanding accounts. As it is she now has to work out from the card stock and ink plus orders of such supplies how many cards she sold over that Christmas how many pieces of ribbon... it really is not funny proving that you were not printing money so to say..and she is still on it..she had over 600 different items on her stock list that book went too...well notebook and no her handwriting in light of the freezing cold is and was far from try writing in sub zero temperatures with a ball point pen...why do you think the union require cold weather payments..anyway she is getting there and still occasionally as now writes abpout herself in the 3rd person...a literary ploy..she is alive and well growing sunflowers and still waiting for that man to contct her and no actually she has rarely ever been to a gig..certainly none of his..way out of her pocket..she's an artist.. and still pursuing outstanding royalties that are long overdue to the way Auntie Margerate is now married yes she took the plunge this year at 83!!! Mr Carpenter put a smile on her face! She still attends the pensioners forum. They met at a luncheon organised by Age was in their newsletter. Congratulations are in order. Last August! Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall. On top of all this there is currently a fraudulent mobile number being circulated in her name ..contacts on fcebook haver flagged it up today 10/12/2015 ( she uses the USA date style if you were recompiling almost 7 years of accounts in excel you would too yes the malware attacks have left over 800000 files semi corrupted whatever to check through..a you know that 43% of companies suffered such breaches last year..!! at least she is ahead of the game on top of her shit pile...there simply is no other description for it..yes try doing a damage limitation on digital have no idea it is bad enough when you are doing your accounts for the 4 th time but when you find that you have lost precious designs too it really starts to bit..those royaties are due to the artyist not any hacker bag snatcher let alone identity fraudster..she supports serious sentencing...losing 15 years of your life is no joke..people who attack small businesses are the lowest of the low..) An urgent message from the artist:I am seeking contact details for Charles Lima with whom I have corresponded but who's address has changed since I for wrote to him. ??? Help I am seeking help from other lawfirms who were copied in on earlier correspondences. I got his details from the Law Society website.?? Currently it is rumored that vacancies in London attract 500 applicants...think of the admin...apparently there are sufficient jobs available... The artist has had 1 interview...It's tough so please be fair we're all it stands continuing the artistic enterprises in hand seems the likeliest option..despite her fear of cyber assaults...having applied to practically every recruitment agency in the country she's fighting back...well someone might report whoever stole her bag and business well as driving licence & cheque book, bank cards...luckily not credit about her updates from the fight to get back into profit...whatever it takes legally...having been circulated at numerous high profile identity management conferences..she's ready for all the backlash that will ensue when she hits the competitive edge about it on her facebook/twitter at Belinda Hale. You can also now interact with her on her new blog page Belinda_Hale Visible Arts Ltd News

Currently Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts is still trying to trad online only the market stall will continue as soon as possible watch this space: Next dates for: Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts will be at Portobello Green Market , Thorpe Close/Portobello Road, London W11 weather permitting to be announced all products which have been on the market can be ordered online too at to place/confirm/pay for an order email Belinda Hale at : as the email address or Address orders to Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts, with 'BHaleTAVisibleArts' in the header and the product details in the body of the email as provided online. Belinda Hale will confirm availability, delivery & payment details with the product details as provided online, all of which are subject to availability & confirmation of payment. products can mailed same day for next day delivery with insurance the postage price will be confirmed the to you. Phone Belinda Hale direct on the Visible Arts line 02072432202.. Postage starts at about £4.87 for Special Delivery next day by 9am i.e a set of ?Block ?cufflinks and £5.20 will get you the delivery for a large embossed flowery suede well as a box of 16 cards boxed..prices for items and handling fees on advertised online. Old card stock is still at the original prices but new prints will be pricier...due to the increase in vat which has not been added yet?.....all her own design and well as being her own copyright as well as her own editions look for the serial number and the copyright registration mark which distinguish every individual print, as well as the artists details ...each and every print is logged and can be cross-referenced with the artist's image bank for verification and that is the intention of the artist. Belinda Hale trading as Visible Arts since 1991. Note currently the artist is looking for work and signing on due to a number of problems...but the business still has stock as well as other services and facilities to offer... all 3 businesses referred to on this page are ownership of 'Belinda Mary Hale' but due to past works which are copyright of the sole traderships (formed in 1991) it was not considered wise to sell that business onto the company which is her sole property too. It is set up with a slightly broader remit and would facilitate independent animation productions which are in part in ongoing development with her sole tradership... the law does not requires it to be so it is simply her choice. The artist is still pursuing the where-abouts of her missing body of artworks as well as fees in respect of the past copyright uses of her works a she is obliged to do so under welfare law. The latter has been an ongoing issue since 1994. It is an extremely serious matter. Due to recent developments investigations into the theft of critical paperwork as well as the artists identity are ongoing as well as the suspected misuse of her corporate name and trading names possibly by the same thieves. For this reason the artist is still assisting the authorities with their investigations but friends & family are being copied in via her facebook pages for security reasons. It is now suspected that the fraud was ongoing since the artist was a student.

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With respect the artist still finds plenty of opportunity to exercise her right to freedom of expression and to unleash her creativity whilst reducing her stress she famously said..if don't enjoy being creative really don't do's frankly the most that she's had from her creativity to date having hardly gone into profit in the last 20 years and no she is neither charity let alone ill educated or intentionally 'throwing it away' but no doubt certain parties would find that idea very convenient. She is litigating with righteous anger, she requires an income just as anyone else does and in the last 3 years she has made over 500 job applications and it is no joke being left totally impoverished dependent on elderly relatives and relying on pro bono/ lawyers who she has requested be retained for support...this case will be fought and it will be won. Despite over 6 successful malwar attacks intended no doubt to bring down this website in just the last 3 years...there were repeated attempts prior to this on an ongoing basis...she is still fighting and seeking the return of her missing artworks as well as fees that are still outstanding to her in respect of her past copyrightable contributions to film and TV animated children's films /series, as animated by adults for children in line with agreed broadcast standards.. If necessary it will be fought as straightforward theft & piracy. The artist continues top maintain her websites herself as she always has done since they were initially set up in 2003-04. She has taken numerous courses in IT in order to run her own business in the digital domain too, since 1990. She does not fall into the catagory of IT illiterate but as a Mother probably it was assumed statistically that she would be just as it was statically assumed that she must be a prostitute but she is not and never was and would vouch for many other Mothers who have been preyed upon for statistical reasons that neither were or are they. It's surprising how well people can manage with little means if they have been motivated to earn qualifications...that she was. The Artist is not in the business of complying with statistical prejudices in order to save those who are highly deserving of it from the acute embarrassment and no doubt 'need' that they are suffering from as a result of failing to appreciate that statistics are statistics and subject to the input definition and control of those who require them to substantiate their needs rather than the needs of those whom the belittle. It will be a great pleasure to return the favour in due course as the artist is of a mind to commission some research herself. Such as which universities turned out the most highly paid prostitutes? Which Churches served them best. Which schools did they attend? Sorry but the gloves are off on this one...the artist is sick and tired of religious hypocrisy surrounding relationships...& work...working women are not prostitutes. Please it's 2014. We do have alternatives. Cufflinks.jpg flowery leatherbound journal large black detail.jpg candle cards boxed set 16smlwm.jpg anyway back to the here and lines of bags which no doubt will earn the dissaproval of grey power ( perhaps not) are on order as well as one or two other charming items... don't miss 'Bee Happy' solar powered little flowers that dance in the sun at £6.95.. (these don't carry adverts..I refuse to stick my name on them and discount the price) look for the chip..or fruity scented egg lippy balms at £4.65 egg balms strawberry peaches new stock in part arrived : stoned journals, larger size sari notebooks as well as memo pads to compliment existing stock. Old stock will remain at the existing price but new stock will be at new prices, our new lines in felt have arrived too felt daisy hairband (2).jpg felt flute brooch.jpg felt daisy brooch brown.jpg bobble bracelet.jpg felt bobble hairbands.jpg and the new eco bag designs will be out this weekend...climate change is the buzz and frankly I'm torn between the impending 10 mini ice age which we traders would agree is out there...and the melting polar caps...with the earth axis shifting that might explain it??? Anyway to hedge our bets we have new eco bags with Polar Bears..these haven't actually arrived as yet...actually I went with the Beat the Heat Bags..I forgot to order them?oops .hope it's going to be a hot Summer again...frankly I spent the last Summers glued to the pc looking for files & spammed hard drive...volcanic ash cloud....didn't see those bags...and of course being a sister to 3 football fanatics and daughter to my view the market was going to be I visited rather than worked on it....but I do have Tree bags and of course the ever popular Beat the Heat... the tourists appreciate that we now have serious sunshine in the UK too...tan lotions might be useful... dates to be announced...but you can subscribe to my twitter or facebook for alerts...08:30 until 18:00...introducing shoo shoos ( mocassin style shoes for growing tootsies) for those of you who are not familiar with this range of shoes for little people age 0 to 24 months they come in a variety of colours with a range of designs from daisies to puppies ..Giraffes to racing cars.. daisies ...£17 @ pair....with a few get up and go sporty versions as well...the full range is now available online at the web site ...Wheelie Bugs in stock too as online.. stock will be at new prices... Watch out for our new line in bags as well as journals, gifts and cards!!! Sadly due to tighter restrictions on trading times we can no longer unpack items for late buyers, frankly after 5pm we can only sell items that are not yet wrapped up. We have to be packed up on time. sari journal mini cerease open.jpgsarijournals stacked.jpg sari journal mini cerease.jpg lil pink flowers for lots more products & cards visit

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Valentines Day well Gentlemen in Japan have 1 month to return a the interim we still carry the our favourites..I am told that those text ones are saucy and saucy is in demand but as they are not that saucy let's say they be re-published by moi for general use...sometimes people need a helpful line...but the respect range may please...those who are feeling a little's time to fight back. You won't achieve 3rd work labour rates here and I'm not interested in being a slave to God. My landlords require formal payment in monetary terms...and the benefits officers may not prostitute an interesting article about it this week online. Am so relieved that much unlike wearing a veil the government are still permitting us to wear clothes. Am beginning to favor the veil...for obvious reasons.. There may be a God for me somewhere...if you don't like my line of chat you don't have to talk to me I go to the market to sell products to people who want them. As stated here online I do not supply's just business.Blame the typos on the hackers...probably the art thieves...

Below Original Artist's Print from the 2009 series at £175's bracken...where you pick blackberries...for Summer may be Febuary but autumnal memories still less CSI get out more and find some berries ...but they won't make you see the's the funghi that you have to be careful of...berries too mistletoe... IMG02580-20100220-1039 quite frankly when at the market the artist starts to clear up gently at around genuinely takes 2 hours to wrap and to pack! so do ask in case you cannot see what you want all stock is currently being put onto the website at and additional online payment facilities will be hosted at & artist is still her own boss & she still has plenty of stock as well as new lines in cards coming on line..The artist finally has more ink. Ok they're not out yet..thanks for the feedback...they're not similar they're still identical...but still good huh! The artist doesn't do free R&D ( research & development)'ll have to do that yourselves...She is not not a good loser ..She is still out to win her fees re her copyright interests and to regain control of her missing artwork...ACME may heed that..She is serious. She is still after those copyright fees etc..This is not a joke but it has been a highly stressful period as the vicious spam & malware that Visible Arts Ltd & Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts has been subjected to was exceptionally malicious. It has taken 3 years to address during which time the artist has had no option but to continue to look for other jobs whilst salvaging over 14 years worth of digitally maintained files. She has no choice and is seeking compensation accordingly..that & her stock are about all that she has and her copyright is inalienable under law as is her dna & identity...She is not letting it go. The SRA will no doubt be watching with increasing interest...dear sirs are no doubt clinging on to their crown that spot...snatch may too...the artist has no agent but continues to liaise with dear sirs at the advice of the Government Work Program who are copied in within reason, it is their aim to get people back into work and the main agenda for the artist has been to restore her reputation in order to either get her business back on it's feet or get a job that will enable her to achieve this in the long run. Ultimately her copyrights are hers until 75 years after her death and inalienably too so they do require management, they have neither been ceded forfeited let alone sold and frankly that will never be the case. Even if the artist were to take a job or be offered one she is not seeking work in the arts in order to avoid confusion on these matters as it would be highly counter productive to do so whilst this litigation is ongoing which is why she chose to sell direct in the market as well as online as she has never had an agent and is not seeking any either.The SRA will continue with their investigations accordingly no doubt, the artist is without a doubt not the only party who has been affected. With respect any similar stock turning up at present hasn't been sold by the artist as she's simply not been able to afford to return to the market due to adverse circumstances and is still signing on. She is booked into the Portobello Business Center for advice though via the Government work program! Ps the stock in the Charity Shop locally was not sold by her...neither was it stolen from her she still has similar stock so do order. Any sales that the artist makes are declared to the Job Center. Beat the triple dip.. The artist may be on the market before Christmas but that is subject to circumstances permitting. This website and facilities are being financially supported by virtue of the kind generosity of the artist's family. It is a basic web hosting facility and the work is undertaken by the artist herself. Visible Arts Ltd can provide hosting and design services and does to the artists sole tradership..Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts. Our returns policy is available to any customer on the web- sites.

Visible Arts Ltd has launched and continues to develop it's online retail site at:

it will be a sign in site too with secure areas

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Quality children?s gifts include pencil cases £ 8.50 as well as rulers £ 2.45 & £ 1.95 with original decoration....

pencil sharpenerblue.jpg pencilcase red.jpg wdn rlr bl lng.jpg penpnk.jpg

To show that we always respect that there is a budget to mind we also supply economy tissue wrap at £1.00 @10 sheets.. try our curling ribbon too at £3.20 for 500 mtr on a spool it's hard to beat price wise and it's also good quality.

ecowrappink.jpg ecowrappapaya.jpg ecowrapgreen.jpg

Other products available via 'Visible Arts' as well as Visible Ltd Retail include Block Design Jewellery as well as other household items ....more coming imminently say we will do....

cufflinksmixedlightnd.jpg block rings multi.jpg

You can also purchase other products on the Portobello Market currently as & when advertised, on Portobello Green...Sadly Auntie Marge who used to help out while the artist takes a well earned rest break to warm up again is now very retired but she's still very busy keeping the Council in order via the pensioners Forum! It is cold out there even in the Summer unless you are in the sun... We now have A3 prints of the Missing Art Campaign at £175 each, we've upgraded our equipment in order to print up to A3+ in size. Trust me the inks are looking as good as the day that they were printed on some of the older prints that I initially printed...The inks are designed to last for 100 years...or more.. unlike watercolors, acrylic and even oils which will respectively fade...yellow or go black...which is why these prints are not comparable to high volume factory printed cards. Every card is individually printed and frankly this guarantees that the colours are in line with the artist's standards. Which is the intention of this artist as the artist is the owner controller of the business and her own boss. She always has been. Even artists's who are in the employ of other's still have copyright for obvious reasons. The artistic integrity is after all their responsibility. Which is why the artist maintains her own register of artworks too. Each print carries an individual registration and serial number. We now have the long awaited 'WheelieBugs' £55 & £65

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