Visible Arts Ltd 'Crew'



                    CVs will be kept on file, please do not submit 
                         images, showreels or proposals online, thank-you!
*With the greatest of respect unsolicited DVDs/Tapes/CDs cannot be returned and we will not view them but destroy them, please email for prior agreement in respect of submissions of showreels. Do not mail us copies of completed media work we cannot accept responisibility should it go astray or be pirated! We will not view such works without prior mutual terms and conditions being clarified in writing.

no agents please, thank-you!
*We do not use service companies and we are not a service company either neither have we ever been.

Interested parties contact:
Or submit a request form with your details as well as specified
product/ interest on the Question? page of this site Orders?
Please note that Visible Arts Ltd are not currently recruiting.


As of 14.08.09 Registered Company Address & trading address :
C/O Belinda M. Hale B.A Hons M.A Director
Flat 6
32 Pembridge Square
Tel: 0207 243 2202
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