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the artist in her studio 1993
entitled: I am who I am

  • With respect after the artist was advised that her artwork had been thrown into a skip she happened to view T4 on a Sunday morning when she would usually have been at Church undertaking voluntary work... she had nothing to do with the set design by a respected designer apparently and to date C4 have refused to liaise with her in respect of the striking similarities between their set design and her it a plagiarism or not?
  • The manner in which the scenes were filmed also resembled her video which was shown to people at CADVAT as well as to Slavka Sverakova at the University of Ulster in 1993.
  • Was the artists work substantially copied or not?
  • The T4 set had been showing for many years but the artists exhibtion was publicised internationally with posters and 1993.
  •  She had also suspended works from the ceilings and other elements from the T4 design reflect the huge canvases that were on display at the Slaughterhouse Gallery years before this..

Suspended paintings at CADVAT

  • Is it fair that the artist has had to stop painting and making such artwork due to ongoing abuse of her copyright and fraud against her.
  • Would others have produced the works that they were paid for if the artist had not undertaken the original artwork at her own expense and is it fair that those who have 'borrowed from her work' should take credit without acknowledging the fact that they have done so?
  • Is it acceptable that the artist should even be described as a prostitute by those in certain religous circles due to the fact that the artist sought to derive a living from selling her artwork?
  • Is that wrong and does that justify the abuses against her?
  • Is expecting to derive a living from the subject that one has studied prostitution?
  • Would it be preferable for the artist to support her work by selling her body?
  • Perhaps this was their issue as so many now do.
  • Should the tax payer pick up the tab for the consequences either way? Prostitution is illegal.
  • Note the artist will not prostitute her body and therefore does not support the legalisation of prostitution for she will not be forced into prostituting herself. The issue is when women are defrauded of the right to earn a living professionally due to the fact that they are considered to be better suited to a job that others want to impose on them as it suits them to do so whilst actually having them do what they are qualified to do and promoting them as actually undertaking menial work for them. This is as is prostitution too degrading. Even more they prefer to enact such abuses as charitable, preferably pertaining to give their victims a leg up whilst acquiring their proffessional services on a voluntary basis. All to often the beneficiaries are women who obey male bosses and provide services that are not professional. It is becoming increasingly common for such women to also obtain the proffessional credit for the work that is undertaken by those with the qualification who are regarded as 'menials'.
  • Remember that God apparantly gave man free will does this not apply to women?
  • Ms Hale has never given any authorisation for such an adaptation of her work neither has she ever recieved any damages for the infringement and neither would she do so without any legal adjudication.
  • It has been drawn to the attention of relevant lawfirms as well as Andrew Baxter at C4 as well as to BECTU and relevant lawfrims. The artist was informed that the set had already been in use for many years...this must have casued confusion in respect of the artists own artwork and her original work.
  • The artist was not covered by the DACS scheme which does remunerate some artists in respect of some aspects of such uses and due to irregularities with the scheme about which the artist has made complaints the issue of whether C4s refusal to address the matter implies that they think that the artist has been paid when she has not. Concerns that she raised on all fronts were systematically ignored. Permission was never granted as it was never sought and the artist did not know of the matter until she happened to switch on the TV and see the show. Permission should have been sought as the artist has no agent and DACS are not her agents and never have been. The Artist has always acted as her own agent and no permission was ever sought for any adaptation of her work.
  • Such violations are unacceptable and will not be condoned but will be fully prosecuted as soon as possible. It is irrelevant to the artist as to what the reasons for this appalling treatment have been it is a matter for the judiciary and must be handled in full accordance with the law. The damages must be addressed there was no benefit to the artist from this.
  • The benefit to T4 must be great or the set would not have been in use for so many years, the artists reputation is certainly not to be sneered at for she is well known having been featured in the Observer Colour Supplement in 1986 prior to leaving University even, This was practically unheard of for a young artist at the time.
  • She has also contributed only to award winning childrens animations on which she generally recieved credits. Adverts as such do not carry credits and she has also worked on many famous ones!
  • She is publically listed in a number of professional publication and was always listed in the Animation Directory. As the Chair of Animation at BECTU she held high position for 7 years and was on the Animation Committee for 10 years if not longer. This may not be so widely known but she is not in the habit of bragging, she simply wasn't brought up to do so so. This is not a failing surely? Bragging is hardly attractive and hardly demonstrates confidence it would certainly not have any bearing on her copyright. This site was set up in order to ensure that the facts are simply made clear to the general public.

  • Please note that the artist rented a studio at Carpenters Road from 1993 until 1996 and although she shared studio 57 with another artist whom she knew from Universtity. This did not imply any business arrangement or any other relationship other than that the two artists knew each other sufficiently well in order to share a studio.  This was usual practice at University where the studios were open-plan... contarary to popular impressions and who knows maybe some artists do but this artist doesn't and never did use her studio for sexwork or intimate relationships it was too cold and this was not the artists reason for renting a studio although with hindsight it may well have been why many did....
  • The artist managed her own work as Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts at all times.
  • At one juncture the two artists did swap spaces in the studio due to personal preferences in respect of working arrangements ( lighting ). This was not intended to imply anything but there is concern that people were confused in respect of the identities of the relevant artists. Ms Hale moved from studio A by the door to studio B at the far end of the studio, notably she put up a canvas screen to protect her privacy as the other artist was due to take up a studio closer to home in the West End and the artist moving in was not known to Ms Hale. There were no issues but she has long lost touch with the artists in question, since 1993. Over 8 million people live in London...
  • Ms Hale has always worked with oils and watercolours as well as a wide range of printing techniques and experimental photography. She now works primarily with digital media and has always contributed to animated productions as well by virtue of contributions made with a variety of artistic and expressive techniques which do effect a copyright.
  • Many artists simply share studios and hardly see each other it is simply fact that the artistic lifestyle is far from laid back it is sheer hard work..
  • Ms Hale contributed to discussions in respect of Intellectual Property as an elected voluntary lay official ( unremunerated, the Union may not pay such Officers but re-imburses them for expenses within reason) with the Union BECTU ( as the Chair of the animation Committee actually) and as a voluntary rep from BECTU to the Collecting Society DACS.
  • Not to mention as a delegate to the British Copyright Council as reserve to Tudor Gates over a 10 year period with whom she also sat on the BECTU National Executive Copyright Sub Committee for the same period of time. She also attended joint consultative meetings of the British Copyright Council and the Pastent Office which are held regularly. Thus she is particularly well informed in respect of a variety of issues related to Copyright as well as Patenting not to mention aware of certain consultative discussions which are strictly confidential.
  • The discussions went on for over 10 years without any remuneration to Ms Hale yet. They were intended to address the principles of rights clearances and intended to benefit the arts and contribute to a wider understanding of practicing artists lives.
  • Ms Hale herself had been made homeless in 1996 as a result of unpaid fees due to her and issues in respect of copyright clearances which are still to be addressed..and they are being addressed.
  • It is absolutely clear that many artists contributing to films were creating copyrightable contributions and that fees in respect of such contributions were often left unclarified thus causing a grid lock of unpaid royalties which were hard to unravel due to the sheer amount of subcontracting that was going on in the 1980s and 1990s. Prior to any fees being paid it had first to be established who had worked on what and this was not so easy to identify as  one might have hoped...fees could not be paid until all potential contributiors had been clearly identified in order to avoid potentail disputes downline. 
  • Ms Hale and her daughter were left homeless as a result of such issues and frankly the artist is grateful to all relevant authorities (Government) for the support that she had in being re-housed by them and not by any benefactors she would stress. Although her family have assisted her with her business overhead. The authorities have a duty of care to the genuinely homeless.. sadly legal aid for the support of such cases as hers in respect of copyright issues was removed in sorry may have been 1999..frankly the artist would have qualfied for it.. however she was referred to BECTU & DACS by the lawyers in question who now have to answer for their opinion. Frankly the lawfirm in question have in the past successfully prosecuted the Government and perhaps this was why legal aid was removed...?? The lawfirm are most certainly being made acountable and no doubt will have their postion clearly outlined, the question is who will pick up the tab??? One hell of tab too. My apologies to Tudor Gates who was no doubt longing to witness the great bunfight before he left for better places hopefully for he suffered too. He told me that I would learn and I have here's to you Tudor!
  • Thanks to their combined efforts she and her daughter were almost made homeless again after the DACS distribution..DACS aren't just pretty faces and they do have their prefered targets.
  • Is it appropriate that Mothers and Children suffer homelssness and have to be accomodated by the authorities? Surely legal aid should have addressed this issue prior to it reaching this point however as a Union member seeking support from her my Union and it took her 10 years to find out why they would not support the case which was absolutely worthy. I suggest that other members read the rule book very carefully and consider the implications of the Union taking full control if their case and paperwork.
  • In addition such matters must be made subject to a legal judgment as it would be unfair on the artist to seek to imply retrospectively that such activties had been agreed when they hadn't and the acceptance of monies without a legal judgement might imply this not to mention endanger the artist in potential allegations of other misdemeanours such as perhaps money laundering. For this reason any such damages should be awarded formally only. This is yet another reason why legal aid for such casework should be urgently re-instated. This is not a matter for the relegious community to negotiate either.
Defending Legal Aid click in order to access the law society legal aid newsletter updates.

  • With the greatest of respect to the Voluntary sector in which Ms Hale at her highpoint held as many as 14 un remunerated positions in respect of 'not for profit'  housing schemes Ms Hale is not currently holding any such positions or able to undertake such work frankly due to a simple need to actually earn a living. She derived no benefit from these positions other than experience and further insight into areas of interest to her professionally. Neither did she aggrandise herself at their expense and she likes to think that her involvement benefitted others in particular artsits and single-mothers.. She would also stress that pratically every organistion with which she was involved was crying out for people such as herself and could certainly not afford to pay them for services. Ask a busy Mother. Don't expect to pay the professional rate in full...Motherhood does not disbar qualified individuals from taking recipet of fees which are due to them.
  • For the above reasons Visible Arts Ltd is extending it's activities to online retail.  DACS really taught me so much. Visible Arts Ltd will be operating its own royalty scheme and they certainly won't bother DACS with their trifling concerns.. DACS have far more important things to do..

  • With respect Visible Arts Ldt do not provide a voluntary service to those who are paid for  services rendered for which they cannot formally invoice and for which they require outside help to provide the services for which they do invoice. We undertake strictly only work for which we can make formal declarations and for which we are formally qualified.

  • In light of some of the services provided by BECTUs 'Film Artistes' with all respect to DACS it is possible that confusion arose in respect of what exactly some members were asking to be remunerated in respect of?
  • However the artists in animation certainly should have had their claims properly evaluated and this would not have posed any problem from a point of view of verification.
  • The issue in respect of the decision by the censor (bbfc) to allow the portrayal of certain sexual acts in a more overt manner than was perhaps appreciated by the censor led to serious discussion about what exactly DACS remit was in respect of 'the porn sector' however the services of the 'Film Artistes' should not ever have been confused with those of the 'Animation Artists'.
  • Any such insinuations made are not acceptable.. the status of the Animation Artists was made extremely clear at all times as were the claims by virtue of the questions which were addressed in particular to such artists who were singled out for especial attention and in my view unduly and unfairly so.
  • The artist did take issue with DACS at the time she also addressed complaints to the relevant authorities in confidence and also provided information on this website ..more she was unable to do. She has certainly not profited from the matter neither would she want to despite offers of a certain nature which she at all times forwarded to relevant parties.
  • With all respect to those who work in the sex industry frankly the educational requirements are not nearly as high as they are in other industries as standards and criteria not to mention accredited courses have hardly been put in place due obviously to the illegality of many aspects of such work. Such workers are at extreme risk and the same conference addressed the appalling issues surrounding the trafficking of women not to mention children and the child labour issues. These people are 'abused' they are not volunteering their services.
  • The Conference gave absolute support to intervention in respect of such abuses as did BECTU. There have been many successful prosecutions in respect of such abuses since then. In addition it was made clear that many individuals working on the sex industry have been failed by the education thus 'sex education' was given support too.
  • It was pointed out though that some very intelligent people work in the sex industry and no doubt they do profit from the abuses that they enact against others which are illegal.
  • Unfortunately in the Film Industry many receive offers of such work and the artist rejects them outright. In the spirit of forgiveness and compassion it should be noted that according to the Politically Correct Dictionary : Wives are described as : unpaid sexworkers?? The Church support 'Prostitution' due to its' colourful nature??? This representation was cited as having been made at a public hearing on the matter. The law does support that a person may give monies to someone who performs a sexual service for them I was informed and therein is the predicament. Who knows what is acceptable and it would appear that we are all 'at it'. Bar of course the celibate ..
  • Frankly education will be difficult to agree until we have had some discussion and as taboo language is so taboo this may take quite some time. Lil Issys survey may be just in the nick of time. Lil cherubs are invaluable they venture where angels fear to tread.


  • ...and as 'The Independent' so kindly informed us in its' sex survey last year 2006...THE UK have the highest download of pornography in the entire English speaking world...Australia America Canada I mean the mind boggles!!!!! How and why must be the question here? I see another survey coming along!


  • With respect to prostitution the extent to which statisticians and others prostitute themselves to 'artifice' would be an interesting question?
  • Any artist who has suffered the misfortune of being labelled as a prostitute for selling their work can advise you that it is no less a sin in the eyes of those who would rather acquire your art and stick their name upon it as a ready made.. it seems that it is acceptable for them to acquire the fees due to those who actually work as they do must be so hard to add ones signature..what price justice indeed?
  • No doubt Yass cites Dali and DuChamp but is it fraud if it is not agreed?
  • In addition when little 'Madams' suggest that the artist 'do it' with Gentlemen from Galleries of repute and connections to the Clerics and Religious Orders.. who expressly cite the sex can only imagine that one is indeed being set up to look like a prostitute by those with a vested interest in creating such misperceptions.
  •  Artifice and fraud are indeed their game. The artist in this case gives such people a wide berth with exceptionally good reason and they are not friends whatever they may seek to imply.
  • This artist does not care how grand the Gallery may be this artist is not interested in that side of the business let alone fronting or ghosting for it whatever the irresistible offers may be.
  • Trust this artist that the offers are rife....but rejected. Frankly this artist has coined the above movement as 'Flash Snatch' as quite frankly the offers made were so resistible it took some grin and bearing what can one say after all one can support 'diversity' and show no hostility but this does not imply that one can be prevailed upon with quite as much ease as members of the opposite sex may be..frankly some people certainly demonstrate below average intelligence in respect of the deployment of their resources.
  • This artist has no incentive to go to jail neither has she any incentive to sponsor little girls or little boys in vice and much like Lil Issy she was once young and curious and has seen better in 'Penthouse' and frankly she would furnish members of the Flash Snatch Art movement with its contact details.
  • Why should she make a secret of it? Alternatively she could contact the vice squad or if she is propositioned as she has once been she could certainly cite statutory rape by proxy had such an act been accomplished. The whole issue surrounding prostitution is essentially that it would be legalised rape should it be made law and personally this artist does not support legalisation for this reason.


  • This artist has always undertaken her own work in full and has suffered the stigma accordingly by virtue of the above types of insinuations not to mention the abuse by virtue of wholesale theft and fraud of her entitlement to royalties as well as her artwork it would seem according to ACME. While the Union stood by and watched in all of its' glorious passivity?
  • The artist takes heart in the story of Little Black Sambo perhaps not a politically correct story but she does love the concept of all those greedy tigers devouring one another..while Little Black Sambo retrieves his clothes.
  • With respect Visible Arts Ldt do not provide a voluntary service to those who are paid for  services rendered for which they cannot formally invoice and for which they require outside help to provide the services for which they do invoice. We undertake strictly only work for which we can make formal declarations and for which we are formally qualified.
  • We suggest that any organisation of any kind needing such services approach their local MPs and make representation in respect of the modernisation of sexual relationships perhaps. A pay as you Ho arrangement with Oyster ready for the Olympic surge of tourism much like the surge in propositioning around Carnival. It gets very hot around that time, accepting private invites can get testing.
  • Perhaps the introduction of working sex credits for those unable to get out...a light-hearted and user friendly approach may de-stigmatise the issues and suit the Church...The Sex Olympics are after all already in place..
  • Opera is getting hotter by the minute and everyone seems to be at it according to the Politically Sex Dictionary why lie?
  • It's simply a matter for the debating society academic as usual.
  • With even greater respect to those in the Church who so support the colourful nature of prostitution and having it out in the open..well it would seem only fair to give them the opportunity to pilot a voluntary scheme which in the opinion of the artist seems to be well in force in some Church's already. A little logo perhaps in the style of the Olympic logo could be in use on special edition Oyster cards to indicate it's amateur status not mention the good will ...credentials the providers of course donating all fees to their chosen God.. Welcome the debate it does need airing.


  • With the greatest of respect Ms Hale as do Visible Arts Ltd absolutely support the fullest prosecution in respect of such fraud and please note that such fraud is enacted by individuals regardless of 'sex' 'race' or 'gender leaning' and this type of criminal activity all to often is undertaken by organisations posturing as artistic ventures but who front for money laundering in respect of vice and terrorist activities. Ms Hale has been subjected to threats in the past and these have been shared with the authorities. Ms Hale would appreciate the support of any other artists who have been subjected to similiar harressment in respect of their Intellectual Property contributions. It is very hard to come forward when one is alone and in order to address these issues it is necessary that artists do contact lawfirms who deal with Intellectual Property issues. Organisations undertaking such harressment need to be named and shamed. Equally organisations need to guard themsleves against prosecution by recruiting staff with the relevant qualifications all to often they fail to do so and this leads to overt harresment by people who simply bully their way around the media from one job to another and leaving a trail of Intellectual Property problems these people need to be exposed. They are shamelessly self-interested and they undermine real creativity and talent. 

Mrs Gower

Belinda M. Hale
a quick drawing for the Young Church flyer by Belinda Hale

  • With respect Belinda Hale has contributed the use of her artwork on a 'fair dealing' basis ( Venture Centre Logo & The Gate Theatre in 1990, a logo for St Marylebone Church Young Church and she would not claim to hold copyright in Mrs Gowers original image ( a concept has no copyright uness realised) which she was asked to update.
  • Frankly on the whole it would be fair to say that she has not undertaken any artwork on a voluntary basis let alone granted any licence to utilise such artwork but she has not taken issue with either of the above cited parties but good will should not be taken for granted or abused. 
  • With respect Ms Hale does not grant any licence or assignement of her copyright to the Church either but she did agree the use of her image at the time that she was a volunteer to the 'Young Church' whose name she actually thought up.
  • Any any instances of such uses remain to be agreed with the artist where this was not done on a prior and formal basis, this is a complex issue for the voluntary sector and requires serious attention.. Trust me this will be addressed in accordance with the law and irrelevant of race creed or sex..
  • Ms Hale has also represented BECTU members in respect of 'Equality & Diversity ' issues and spoken at the Womens Tuc Conference in respect of issues as diverse as 'Portrayal' &  'the proposed legalisation of Prostitution' amongst many other topics which incidentally BECTU historically do not support . However, frankly, they do in light of their affiliation with Media & Entertainment International support 'the right to freedom of expression' thus they supported 'the consideration  of the proposed legalisation of prostitution' and welcomed the debate as a necessary debate in light of decisions that have been taken by the Censor in recent years.. not to mention of course the outdated legislation which left issues such as the online dimensions of the sex industry in a grey area so to say..
  • Trust Visible Arts Ltd on that they get so many diverse approaches and it is not welcome.

  • With all deference to DACS who have faced some extremely testing enquiries from the public such as: a request for confirmation of not to mention verification of authorial input and content to the type of artefacts as filmed for TV at the Museum of Human Excrement . Deciding how much and to whom fees were due in respect of what copyrightable contributions in to the film were in fact made.. was often deemed to potentially be a by-product of 'fart'... and not without fair and due accreditation. Backlash can be fun  and I do hope that DACS enjoy the is long overdue. Do present them with your little queries it is worth it.

  • With respect to those who have approached the artist with offers which she could not accept due to a number of issues with the offers in question. The artist is working solo for the foreseeable future.
  • The sole tradership website has been launched and the retail section is being put in place.The artist has been working on a collection of cards and other products which will hopefully speed up a resolution in respect of the fate of her missing artwork.
  • The cards in part will carry images of the work which is 'missing'?. Acme be warned the copyright is the property of the artist and always has been as is the artwork..

  • With respect whereas the artist and BECTU show compassion towards those who suffer abuses whilst working in the sex industry the artist would want it understood that her priorities are for support to working artists who are targetted as such for out and out asset stripping by companies employing casual staff for the purposes of such exercises whilst adopting a hands off approach to the consequences of their own actions in doing so.
  • This is unaceptable and when threats of violence are used this has to be addressed. At the time that the artist suffered such threats the law limited the involvement of the police but the threats were registered.
  • There is however no cut off date on prosecutions in respect of such activities since the law has been changed. The artist wants it understood that she is seeking legal action and any attempts to confuse her position with that of artists involved in the sex industry would be viewed as suspicious and potentially intended to pervert the course of justice.
  • The artist did undergo substantial harressment in respect of her sex life and sexuality latterly and suspects such a smear campaign. This is not unusual.
  • With respect the artist may laugh off contgratulations on respect of her 'lesbian love' when with her daughter she does correct such individuals politely and frankly the world is a very sad deranged place these days.
  •  When you can't even go out with an adult child without being confused with a gay couple one has to state that the world is very very at odds with parenting and family life. Parents have to support their children and women with children often work very well indeed and frankly the artist wasn't even embracing her daughter or holding her arm as she often does when with her Mother whom she does not see often enough as it is...

  • With respect to the Gentleman concerned who made such an assumption...he is a musician who sings about his experiences with male menopause now that's a thought isn't it why don't we just have a fepaus? I simply snarl in the kitchen as I'm not past it yet and I think that a lot of women are staving it off very successfully and simply enjoying a second teenage hood.. I'm certainly not going to dress like a 90 year old prematurely and I have bought a short skirt for the Summer! It doesn't mean that I have to have an incestous relationship with my daughter though thank goodness as I told him you should see us when we're at each others throats well not often but Mothers and Daughters should have some differences.. I don't want mini-mes. That would be suicidal..

  • And for those of you who have time to attend meetings as to why you're not famous rest assured it could be worst you could be infamous for things that you have no connection with let alone knowledge of  and that is really not worth it. Get on with the work and you may well become respected. That is what I wanted. So I do and no one can stop me not even those sending abusive letters.

  • With respect to DACS the artist is of the view that getting the welfare agencies and the inland revenue to address royalties payments would cut out a lot of fraud as they are very well trained to address such issues. If the public endorse susidies to artists then this should be along the lines of schemes trialed elsewhere on the continent but not by virtue of some stealth tax with no apparent method of assessment and which is simply enacted on hapless individuals without thought for the consequences.
  • DACS appear better equipped to attend to those to whom such payments are not strictly due. As kind as this may be is it really fair to dress their activities up as any thing else? DACS obviously have to address the issue of 'fart' but not at the expense of impoverished artists please that is simply dilletante in this artists view. Mothers do have the right to be artists and they have the right to be remunerated and work without being harrassed by those trying to take advantage of the burden of responsibility that having children means. If they want to sponsor the copyleft movement then they really need to put in place a legitimate business plan first and to check out the 'Napster Trials' lest they all foul of similiar issues..

Missing Art Campaign Poster 2004

Exhibitions curated:
'Raw Art' Exhibition, Slaughter House Gallery, London
'Congregations' Trinity Street Studios, c/o CADVAT, Colchester.

Co contributor to many group exhibitions  
since 1983 across Europe,
one woman shows too...from the Basement Recording Studio, 1989 London, couretesy of Mark St John (long term confidente) to Trinity Street Studios, CADVAT, Colchester
...& even animation artwork gets exhibited these days too..
recent artcards will soon be available via the retail site on and have already been profiled on the Portobello Market, watch out for Valentine cards due out soon, stores please contact Belinda Hale directly for a catalogue as I do not use agents. The Missing Art Campaign Calendar is out and features 12 examples of missing artworks that are many of them too big for the skip.. fortunately all artwork has been recorded.

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on occaision she has paid assistants in for basic carpentry work which may have been described by them as artistic assistance however it must be stressed that no copyrightable works was undertaken by such assistants

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