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Titles include: Interactive CV, Showreel, Us, Valentine, Promo & Star all awaiting release..
& exclusively produced, directed and created by Belinda Hale B.A Hons M.A

Easter Promo Visible Artsadvertising our business Showreel (mastered 2004 remastered 2007) is streaming on 'Belinda Hale' You Tube and Visible Arts 'My Space' since about 2008
Available at Visible Arts Ltd Retail

'Trailer' for those of you haven't yet viewed 'Trailer' it works... and it is indeed I Belinda Mary Hale speaking about my artwork as created at Carpenters Road Studios..ok it's not anything more than video diary but it's evidence originally videoed in circa 1993-4 see trailer for dates
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'Trailer' is currently free viewing but the full video will be available online in due course.

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Visible Arts Ltd established 1998
Estimates & Quotes available at an agreed rate.
With respect we don't do touch-ups..although of course the demand is great it isn't our field..there's very little on film these days that hasn't been it's so much cheaper than surgery..

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