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note: prioritisation of jobs incurs an additional premium charge due to the additional expense incurred this is considered to be fair to other clients who have planned ahead!! Prioritisation cannot be guaranteed.

  • Visible Arts Ltd do not franchise.
  • Visible Arts Ltd do not have any exclusive distribution deals with 3rd parties never have done, any such claims are fraudulant and should be notified to the director and to the police.
  • Approved outlets can be obtained via the following link: Products or Production
  •  With respect we cannot take responsibility for emailed orders which have been copied to us by 3rd parties with whom we have no dealings however they are recorded and reported to relevant authorities accordingly.
  • Equally it has always been clearly stated on this website that neither Visible Arts Ltd or Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts are represented by anyone other than Belinda Hale as an agent. This was in fact one of the express reasons for setting up this site as Belinda (Mary) Hale has been the subject of 'harassment' in respect of her artwork in the past. This was addressed to the police at the time however confusion in respect of the application of copyright in animation led to an impasse in respect of potential prosecutions at the time. It is therefore possible that certain individuals continue to pass themselves of as agents to those in respect of whom they have perhaps done in the past without the individual's knowledge. These issues are still subject to investigation and clarification.
  • Visible Arts Ltd do not accept responsibility for the content on other websites sites for which we provide links, these are provided as a matter of interest.

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to send an email click on the underlined:


As of 14.08.09 Registered Company Address & trading address :
C/O Belinda M. Hale B.A Hons M.A Director
Flat 6
32 Pembridge Square
Tel: 0207 243 2202
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