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Thanks to: Metropole College, London
                    & DCT, London for training
Thanks to: Work Directions &
                     New Deal for guidance & support
Thanks to: BECTU & DACS for motivation
Thanks to: The Law Society, The Legal Services Commission
                     The Equal Opportunites Commission & the Job Center for advice
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             moral support
Great Thanks to the great number of people who have already visited this site to date, it has made the difficulties worthwhile and thanks for any feedback
Visible Arts Ltd support the right to freedom of expression as a human right.
Incidentally also thanks to the University of Ulster at Belfast Masters Degree in Fine Art(1989-1990)
The Slade School of Art UCL B.A Hons Fine Art (Painting) (1983-1987)
The Norwich School of Art  (foundation 1992-1993 )
where I successfully completed courses
stranglely enough in more recent years I was advised that there was something in my work...but also that no credence is given to qualifications...someone else thought that I'd missed my calling and that perhaps I should've studied art. The life of the artist in contemporary times is uneasy to say the least
but always entertaining and I must confess that I have a lot to laugh about...better than crying


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Tel: 0207 243 2202
Visible Arts Ltd Company Number: 3538457