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As some of you may be aware I was advised in 2001 that a substantial amount of my artwork that I understood to be in storage had been put in a skip by the parties who had undertaken to store the works for me.

This issue is still subject to dispute and any information that could help in establishing what really happened would be most gratefully received as the works were not insured. The matter is in the hands of the lawyers but should any of the work come to light action will be taken accordingly in respect of its' provenance. No licence in respect of the copyright in any of these works has been granted to any other partie neither will any licence be granted until such time as the whereabouts of the work is clarified. In the interim the rights remain exclusively in the control of Belinda Hale t/a Visible Arts as established in 1991. The works have all been photographically documented by the artist. Wednesday 12.01.11 09:28 Dear Charles Lima & Mark Anthony St John Ibbottson, With respect I can assure you that there are still no changes and I am in no position to let this matter go. There have been no further developments .with respect that would be the one saving little girls?with the multiple business cards and addresses?who couldn?t remember the person who he has introduced to me at Church as his wife?it sort of set the alarm bells ringing?no doubt as a self professed prostitute he probably couldn?t recollect his sexuality either for some it?s a versatile commodity and hardly cast in genealogy?for those of us where it is an insult to our sense of identity and peaceful belonging with the world to be misrepresented it is neither fair to us professionally where it should not be an issue or to our loved sows dissent and ill will.. and to me it is most contentious to misrepresent the sexuality of another for personal advantage ..extremely unethical?cruel offensive as well as abusive. It is not for others to decide let alone dictate for their profit it simply for the purposes of attention and fame exceptionally cruel and abusive. Outrageous. Sadly there are some outrageously fast track liars and attention seekers around who make a wanton living out of it and have nothing better to say for themselves putting others at risk with precious little concern, If they consider their abusive attitudes to be acceptable I do not. I refuse to associate with such people knowingly let alone give credence to their lies for they are highly contentious cons. With respect if this has been the justification for the fraud committed against me then that must be compensated for too and reflected in the damages as the law now provides for. Thank goodness. It is extremely contentious for all individuals to suffer any such misrepresentations. If such misrepresentations have been made in order to justify crime against individuals this must be most harshly judged. I have longed for many years to have more children and this is a bitter bone of contention for me. As far as I a concerned sexuality should not be criteria for artistic status. Even though I work as an artist in order to earn a living this does not disbar me from having a family by law neither does having a family disbar me from running own business fronting let alone undertaking my own artwork as I have done. Simply because I not driven to bask in attention does not disbar me from achieving. . ?if I ever find out who put that pimp on my case they?re dead meat (proverbially speaking?behind bars) that is a promise. they tried to run a very clever smear campaign against me trouble is life emulating film never is the same?life is not a film?and I am not an actress?if their little darlings have been set up with a pimp it was not I he?s been on a lot of women?s case?s and I avoid him like the plague and I did report my concerns to the authorities as soon as it became evident to me what was going on. As for the sisterhood?a little less ?shut up? might have saved their butts.. I do not and still will not support prostitution as it would not matter how good your standing or qualification you would not be untouchable you would not have an option if they wanted you. I know what it is to be hounded by vice and I do not want to see it legalised not even in the name of God. I would remind the sisterhood that Mary Magdelene was a disciple of Christ not a whore. Cynical missionaries who seek to aid and support vice are not Christians?they are madams and pimps and that is unlawful. They?re not saving people they are selling them. I have no ?knowing? association with them but I have met a lot of people through my work and voluntary activities & I do not live in an ivory tower neither have I ever done, however I do seclude myself in order to work as it requires solitude and concentration with no distraction. With respect had they put as much effort into work they might have achieve something but all they?ve done is achieve ?infamy?. Why should they be rewarded with free accommodation? Am still dealing with ?policies? re insurance?checking the small print?and my accounts.. With respect once more I require all of the works and belongings/tools/equipment etc that were stored with ACME to be returned to me without exception. No use of these works was ever granted to anyone neither were they promised to let intended for anyone else. That is a business matter and to prevent people from trading by taking their tools of trade & equipment is most serious. I want full prosecution of those involved in fraud and or any mis-representations as to this situation I stress that I resigned from BECTU may years ago. They are not involved I these negotiations which have been strictly remitted to the law firms as cited. I have no agent and I do not go through private parties. I stress that I was never a member of the Visual Artists Branch because a) it did it exist when I first joined whereas the Animation Branch did it date back to the 30s..I found other people who needed to work for a living..also a branch entitled to delegates to Annual Conference?b) When the Visual Artists Branch as formed quite frankly I preferred to stay with the Animation Branch for a number of reasons?I had the choice but frankly you may not be a member if two branches but ironically you may be a member of two organisations?those who are complain bitterly of the cost.. c) as a member of the Animation Branch I was in a branch/division that addressed my issues artistically as that was where most of my income was generated?selling large scale paintings is hard..but I suspect that sales of my work were blocked by parties probably pertaining fraudulently to be my happens but I had none and still do not neither do I want one neither will I tolerate any being imposed on me. Unless ACME will admit to what has happened to my artwork I want an investigation into whether they did not obtain by virtue of collusion with others and the express intention of defrauding me of it to order for those who objected to artists trading independently. The pimp was expressly interested in my artwork not mention money laundering and is a nice way of laundering monies from prostitution hence my keen concern in respect of the whereabouts of my artwork and I refuse to consent such fraud. I would insist on full prosecution. It is also the reason why under no circumstance would I cede to such abuse and fraud. I absolutely abhor such abusive attitudes. If high class prostitutes are having problems laundering their proceeds I am not about to have my life violated so that they can carry on whoring at their leisure I have no concern for their customers let alone their difficulties perhaps they need to address them with a petition to their local MPs and drum up lists of signatures from their customers in support of their requirement to trade their bodies. With respect I do not and have never endorsed prostitution I was adamantly against it at UNI due to being kerb crawled regularly whilst with my child..I was furious about it so I may have drawn the attention of these cynical individuals then no doubt harrassing Mothers is sport for them, I was at UNI wit some cold blooded heartless and ruthless individuals. It will no doubt upset certain people very much to know that I do have still a substantial amount of the artwork that I undertook for my BA Hons Course. Please Charles & Mark I mean it I want this matter resolved or I cannot be made responsible for the chaos?and frankly in light of the current economic situation no doubt people are beginning to see the ?consequences? you simply can?t re-introduce slavery under the auspices of ?do gooderism?. Will there be any good will left on this planet if you persist in punishing those who demonstrate it. I have none left. I refuse to shore up a pack of vain deceitful slanderous and abusive fraudsters who must be obstructing these matters as outlined below. It is not and has never been my intention to secure them protect them let alone collaborate with them so please get a grip and deal with them before those of us who have been defrauded by them take the law into our own hands. I am not alone..I would not be insane enough to double cross an entire sector of artists not to mention take money from those who do I will not and I insist that every such person is prosecuted and I have o concern, absolutely none for who these fraudsters are?it will be the production companies concern which are evidenced and known to you who have the information they dealt with the ?uses?. I refuse to allow people to take my name in vain and to commit me to projects with out my agreement. With respect I continue to stand firmly on the side of originators and in respect of animation the actual artists do have copyright and always have done the law was not ( apologies for previous omission) changed to grant them rights the law was changed & extended to accommodate specific rights in respect of hitherto unspecified medium i.e digital. I want compensation too in respect of the amount of time and energy that I have had to utilise in achieving a resolution to these matters.. on a par with a professional rate including interest. This is business not fun. I certainly want damages from those who have perverted the course of justice obstructed these matters and misrepresented the facts. Regardless of who they, whilst they are flesh and blood they are not demi Gods. They liable and that goes for anyone who has participated in this affair.. Trade Union Official, Police, Lawyers etc. Anyone who approves and steals can as far as I am concerned do time and cough up. I want a full investigation and full identification of all corrupt parties. With respect I want damages as well as compensation too for injury to my feelings as well as to my reputation for I have been neither selfish let alone greedy. I am simply seeking to earn a living by using my qualifications, skills and common sense in a law abiding manner. I have done my best to socially integrate but I draw the line at being labled a whore by those who seek to abuse the trust of the community for their own abusive needs. I will not give in to the temptation to see legalising prostitution as a solution to this matter perhaps they should get a pro vice law officer to admit to using prostitutes and gain legislative support for it as they did in a certain state in America?I will not be used for such cynical purposes. Perhaps some strudents and academics?a notorious girls school might want to lend support in order to legalise the manner in which some girls brag about gaining their grades.. leave me out of it please?they?re after all politically elevated and in superior positions to need to lobby fir it in order to clean up their acts.. if they want to be so open their high achievers should explain their tactics.. not to mention the ?overview? that it has provided them with. Will finish off my letters over the week I have quite a few loose ends to me I have list and I am on to it. With respect absolutely no changes as stated I require all monies due to me in respect of outstanding fees as well as damages for injury to my reputation and ability to trade as well as full prosecution in respect of any fraud that may have led to delays in these payments being forth coming. Why else would I go to a criminal lawyer as well as the police?? I re-iterate once more that I am still seeking work. No one has the right to disbar me from doing so. Mr St John I am still waiting on.. with passionate devotion. OK I do adore him it?s another condition. Which I enjoy thoroughly?love to my poor little financially starved mind?he doesn?t satisfy that need ad never has done but he is a very re-assuring masculine presence? Mr St John is not careless. His attendance though would be very useful in respect of clarifying certain matters. I have been most fair to him in these matters. As far as I can see nobody has any right to disbar him from seeing me. To my knowledge I have no complaint against him and anyone who does should address it directly. I do not retract anything by shortening or adapting this email.. whereas repetition is useful it is not compulsory. With respect if I am hard it is because I have been most harshly treated and I have no time let alone concern for shoring up the meaness of those way generously flaunted their ability to throw around the monies that are due to people to such as I in an effort to impress that they are generous they are not they are criminals. The public are playing by having to keep individuals such as I on full working benefits.. whilst these individuals use the law to avid paying what is due to us by shoring it up in tax avoidances schemes. I am no cheat ad unless this is addressed there will be revolution. The decadence of these people is unbelievable untenable and must be addressed. Come on I couldn?t even afford my annual visit to see my Father on his birthday and that upset me terribly as I only see him once or year. I?m longing to see my German stepfather (past) and my half sister who I have not seen in a few years is hard being from a family strewn around Europe. It is not a privilege. No I do not care for those who would stalk us and bring their petty spiteful and twisted observations to our lives for the benefit of their artistic vulgarisations and sadistic expression. I do not flatter myself that we would be depicted as any less than the Slaters in East Bigots?.all the sensitivity of sledgehammer tactics?not to mention being told to shut those who want to sell others for money..I will not endorse it?I would lobby for the right to carry a gun first. I refuse to endorse legalised rape however great the need. I refuse to ?do it? with whom I am told to?I will not work with rapists by proxy even if they are women? Apologies for my typos but my keyboard is sadly ?very on it?s last legs? laptop that is?it?s annoying??..I won?t know myself when I get a new one..and my glasses..but that doesn?t prevent me from recognising people I am long sighted and I do not forget faces. With the greatest of respect if I give people who flash at me a wide berth it?s because I do see them coming?I really do not invite it..and despite being a Mother I don?t take confessionals..try the priest police or mental health teams. I do have a right to a life and I have never volunteered as a counsellor. With respect I am not trained for it. With respect Belinda Hale BA Hons MA Copyright 12.01.2011 :

In 2004 I advised people that a reward would be offered online for information leading to the whereabouts of my artwork. Details will follow in due course. Information may also be directed to the police who have been made aware of the issue. In addition I would want it understood that any work that I have sold in the past has been formally documented as such and purchasers will have recieved invoices accordingly.
Anyone requiring copies of such invoices can contact me accordingly in order to verify the status of such works.
Likewise anyone able to provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who has committed an offence in respect of the works in question will recieve a reward.
To date the police have been unable to assist in this matter and no retraction of the letter to me in respect of the fact that my works were put into a skip has been made. The fact that the works were alledgedly put into a skip has not been evidenced to me.
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Update re missing art

Dear Sirs, the latest to the relevant lawfirms..not BECTUs lawyers..

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