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Belinda Hale B.A Hons M.A aka Belinda Mary Hale B.A Hons M.A Proprietress of & Sole Director of
Visible Arts Ltd
since 1998 exclusively
the company was formed by Ms Hale alone without the assistance of any other party
with Ms Feast as the secretary
Ms Hale proposed the Company
herself quite lawfully on the basis of a simple book on how to do so..anyone can do it providing they meet the requirements under law:
Belinda Mary* Hale B.A Hons ( Slade School of Art UCL M.A University of Ulster at Belfast Faculty of Art
*due to concerns surrounding identity fraud I have added my middle initial which I was not in the habit of using in the past but as there is another company director by the name of Belinda Hale I want to avoid confusion. Please note that although I have suffered extensive problems with my mail therefore I no longer collect it from the mail from the Post Office depot as unless the mail is correctly addressed as provided on this website it may go astray simply due to the fact that the Royal Mail must deliver to the address as cited on the envelope...as the Royal Mail currently have no access rights to this building the point of delivery is 32 Pembridge Square...if you were to address the mail to 32 Pembridge Square they would deliver it to this address...but not to my flat..as they cannot enter the building...don't ask it is not uncommen and it is an issue increasingly...even if mail is addressed to Flat 6, 32 Pembridge Square if it sent via courier it will face the same issues...it desperate so please REQUEST a simple proof of postage recipet and follow up with a phone call..( in theory) . Anyone who believes that mail has gone astray is advised to take it up with the Royal Mail urgently. This is an issue for private tenants, tenant owners and many other parties ..so please bear in mind that this will make little difference to my business as such as it affects all of us one way or another. It is a two way street and you may not be getting your mail..and without your details I can hardly correspond with you...which is why I recommend recorded delivery for anything of importance having worked at the mail office at Uni whilst a student I can assure you that internal mail is just as tricky an issue for any organsization...On the bright side I do have to go to the Post Office at least twice a week so I combine it with delivering my orders to the mail. ...pps 'Hello Retards' enquiries to me personally please it is my publication and my copyright. Thank-you sorry we are not currently re- cruiting...it's a comic..Do something original! By the way Ms Feast retired some time ago and ran off with a fella!..she is a no longer Ms Feast!..she's Mrs very Happy aka 'Carpenter'!!! Yes she is all the best to her as her second wedding anniversary is coming up soon! So even though I continue to sign on I am still the proud owner of a veritable shit heap of problems...no other words for it what with malware attacks too to add to that theft I had a most terrible ordeal to address..but the bombsite is slowly looking more like organised chaos but is still in 'limbo'..looking at the world things could be worst ...and I am still waiting for Anthony St John Ibbottson to respond to my emails..? God help me..or as they say God is working with me and OMG just how..I still have some stock left and have been archiving my counteless digital images well quite a lot of them...amongst other things..what value could they have? how much is a domain name worth?...I've had people demanding it but not offering money and I have not sold it..I've had peole telling me they will use it whether I like it or not?? Well I do..trust me they are telling lies...
located at :
Flat 6
32 Pembridge Square
London W2 4DT
since 1998
   not to ashamed to say that I was born in 1960
and sorry girls but if this throws other peoples ages in to question lets get over it and celebrate our maturity in being able to admit to our ages!
I may be wounded but I am not bitter.
And for those of you who may have had difficulties in finding us such as ACME a little picture of the house in which I work and live..not the BBC yet.

rented...the beeb don't own it but the tenants??

  1. please note appointments only and strictly with prior written arrangement as this is also the directors home which is also the business trading address.
  2. office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday
  3. we do break at lunchtime depending on our workload so you may get the answerphone do leave your number and reason for calling and we will return your call, if the director is in a meeting expect to get the answerphone..better email if possible please.
  4. we do now have a fax but still prefer email

Please address editorial feedback to the director and anyone interested in recieving further newsletters please contact us accordingly. To date recipients of mailings have only been those who have been included on mailings to Visiblearts ( by this we refer to Visible Arts Ltd & Belinda Hale B.A Hons T/A Visible Arts since 1990 ). A seperate website in respect of Ms Hales' continuing sole tradership is due to be published and a link via this website will remain. We are nothing to do with the individuals who have registered the domain name 'Visiblearts' in any other capacity. We have expressed our concerns in respect of cyber squatting accordingly. 'Visiblearts' has been used by the director in conjunction with a 'homechoice' email account and is still used with a 'Hotmail' account.
Anyone wanting their details added to the mailing list can submit them on the Question? page of this site. You can also unsubscribe with this form. Please also address any complaints directly to the director: belinda_m_hale@visibleartsltd.com
contact: Visible Arts Lt  We are now on the Google MAP

With respect any plugs on this site in respect of other parties or events are not yet charged for and are entirely at the discretion of Belinda M. Hale B.A Hons M.A and nobody else. Anyone else pertaining to have authority in respect of such advertising or seeking fees for such plugs should be reported to the director or please. Any such plugs would be formally addressed to the company with formal invoicing arrangements.

Visit the Visible Arts Ltd Tradespace for a selection of products

currently in construction are: www.visibleartsltdretail.com and


recently launched www.bhaletavisiblearts.com.visibleartsltd.com instead...or www.bhaletavisiblearts.com.. or www.bhaletavisibleartsretail.co.uk all under continuing development... where you can now make purchases via 'Pay Pal' or by credit card.Please bear with us while we link up the product pages. You will find many more products at Belinda Hale T/A Visible Arts Market Stall dates announced online at or at the color="#000000">www.bhaletavisibleartsretail.org.uk

Prices exclusive of VAT. If the items are in stock and a *next day delivery is required this can be arranged and confirmed without attracting any additional fee other than the delivery charge providing that staff are available to deal with the order and that the order is placed prior to 10am Mon-Fri only, please see the Royal Mail website for next day delivery rates, * subject to Royal Mail terms and conditions.

For customer care please telephone: 0207 243 2202. Orders can also be recieved via email via belinda_hale@visibleartsltd.com


Visible Arts Ltd
Company Number: 3538457 Vat Registration No: 919 4584 86
Trading address & Registered Office Address:
C/O Belinda M. Hale B.A Hons M.A Director
Flat 6
32 Pembridge Square
Tel: 0207 243 2202


Mark St John
Arch Art Angel
whose drum kit is very impressive
I dream of playing with it
he knows a lot about human rights..
since they disbanded with drummers he has taken up producing too not to mention writing and many other things, a smart act..who also managed 'The Pretty Things' to whom I owe a debt of thanks too for putting us back in touch after I was homeless for a while..I've set up a courtesy email address for him at mark_st_john@visibleartsltd.com, he is not I and I am not he, this is entirely at my discretion and nobody else's. Mind you dears..in light of his busy life any mail may be forwarded via 3rd parties. The show will go on.

watch that palm grow!!

Dear Mark,

Dearest Mark, now has his own page or go to the Artists Diary at the following link: easier reading

Dear Sirs...currently en route to the SRA..ooops...follow my tweets...it's serious..well to date I haven't read anything on the SRA feed that would concern me but admittedly although I'm subscribed to it it's not alerted me...I do take 'allegations seriously and I did follow the advice of the police....I'm quite certain that Dear Sirs will be doing the same...it's not nice to face allegations and it's really horrible to have to forward allegations..but such concerns will be addressed and are. Even when it comes to those in whom one has placed trust and in respect of whom one to ones knowledge has no issues. One trusts that such issues can be resolved. You can follow the rss feed of the Solicitors Regulation Authority at : and watch out for any devlopments.

The Greatest Art Angel of all time methinks for the re- introduction of legal aid for issues such as that of the Missing Art Campaign can only improve the quality of our art that we experience...trust me on that and you will get to see it..the Missing Legal Aid campaign needs to be launched as well and do mail your support for this to the Law Society .
Families such as mine do not have the resources for such legal work and we have been targetted in respect of our copyright interests over decades this is why I have had an interest in copyright since I was only seven year old. I knew that lookalike was impacting on our family earnings which is why I have such an interest in those grey areas and how to address them.

and you know at least my carbon footprint is small

watch that palm grow!!

new arrival on the roof
was it a quick sale as it could grow to 25 m?

presumably if it reaches 25 m in the next 90 days  I could return it?? Last weeks irresistable encounter
but would I want to it'll hide that filthy composter. Actually no longer an issue it's bust...we're now roof greening...please no pampers it's not a rubbish tip....yes they did...with contents...it's not known as 'Rotting Hill' * Wyndham Lewis without reason...

enquiries re Hello Retards can be emailed to the editor at helloretards@btconnect.com the forthcoming comic strip from Visible Arts, a fun pun on hello magazine taking a look at the human dillemma inherent in everyones life...now being built at www.helloretards.com
the winner will get a free copy of the Missing Art Campaign Calendarr

Visible Arts Ltd is a Media Production company and was established by Belinda Hale in 1998. Belinda Hale still continues a sole tradership in respect of her work as a fine artist and her copyright in respect of her artwork of which she is the exclusive owner. Ms Hale has represented herself as a sole trader and her company exclusively since 1991 & 1998 respectively negotiating all exhibitions and co-animations directly. Please contact her directly in respect of any rights clearances requests directly no agents are appointed for such contractual clearances
or submit a request form with your details as well as specified product/ interest on the Question? page of this site Orders?
Belinda Hale is now listed on the Copyright Licencing Agency web site as an artist whose works are excluded from their licencing arrangements, this means that she must be contaced in respect of any uses of her artwork, scanning whatever please. Any such uses are subject to her agreement and she prohibits such uses if she wants as it is her legal right to do so. To link to the CLA web site you can reach it via the Human Rights page of this web site.
To subscribe/unsubscribe to the Visible Arts Newsletter submit an info form via the info link.
To Mark St John fans images of him are rare!

*All photography by Belinda Hale with the exception of the *Portrait photograph of Belinda Hale which was taken at the *London Portrait Studio in 2006'.